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Happy Diwali!

Ah... Diwali. The festival of lights...and the sharp ratta-tat-tat of "bombs" exploding. 

All kidding aside, Diwali is my favorite Indian holiday. It's like the 4th of July and Christmas had a baby... a big, fireworks and sweet laden baby. 

This particular holiday marks the return of Rama and Sita after fourteen years of exile and the defeat of Ravana (as in Evil Demon King Ravana). Lights, particularly these little clay pots called "diyas," play a big part in the celebrations. In mythology, Rama's people were so happy for his return that they lit Rama's way with these little diyas and set off firecrackers in celebration. Nowadays, people set off firecrackers and fireworks of all calibers, buy new clothes, and go visiting with sweets in hand. 

It's fabulous.

Here's proof. 




More fountain action!


The roof-top crew... we set off BIIIIG fireworks!

And... for your entertainment... a video. (I'm sorry it's sideways...)


Looks like a great time!

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