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We've been here for about three months now and things have become routine (which is not to be confused with boring). As such, I've hit a bit of a wall (creatively) of things to blog about (I mean really, who wants to read about how many times we went grocery shopping in one week, or view yet another picture of a cow). Therefore, I'd like to start something new.

I'd like to open this blog up to questions and things you, dear readers, would like to read about. Whether its technical stuff such as:
  • How do we get from place to place?
  • Where do we do our shopping?
  • What exactly does an Indian bathroom look like and how does it function? (What? You know you wanted to ask!)
Or if its something more "thought" worthy such as:
  • What do you think about the "women's quota" in Indian Parliment?
  • How do you negotiate being a first-worlder in a third world country?
  • What's up with dowry deaths?
I'd be more than willing (happy even!) to answer your questions in (hopefully) thoughtful blog posts. And hey, if you'd like pictures of something (or more pictures in general) let me know and I'll rove about the city with the camera at your pleasure! Leave a comment to this post, or contact me via email or facebook. 

Hope to hear from you soon!


I personally would like to read more thought worthy posts. I enjoyed the posts you wrote about the bureaucracy of getting a place to rent and surrogacy. More of those, please!

dude what IS up with Dowry Deaths? I've never even heard of it. Is it women off-ing themselves OR men pulling a blue beard and off-ing their wives?? Or perhaps something completely different.

also i kinda wanna know if you've been having to pee in a hole in the ground lol.

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