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Lacking something "substantial" to chatter about (something's in the works, I promise), here's a little some local "color" to tide you over (there's more where this came from, check out the picture slideshow at the bottom). 


Stupid cow kept meandering from side to side in the road. Steve had an... unfortunate encounter with a cow last time he was in India (something about a cow trying to eat his backpack so he bapped it on the nose (as many natives do when a cow is problematic) and rather than wandering off, the cow took umbrage to his assault and hoisted Steve into the air. Next time you see him, you should ask him about it cause he tells it much better) so we kept having to switch sides of the road cause lets face it, neither end of a cow is pleasant--one end has horns the other has, well you know (FEET, people FEET with which cows KICK! Geesh, get yer nasty minds outta the gutter). Needless to say, we amused the Indians, yet once again: a pair of whities literally dodging the horns of the bull (okay, heifer but whatever)...

This camel driver cracked me up. I took this picture when I was wandering out and about one day. The guy slowed his camel down (don't let their dopey faces fool you, camels can MOVE when they want!) so I could take the picture. Then, on my way back the other way (after picking up groceries) the same guy drove by and smiled and waved. And not the creepy smile and wave that some people give you around here, but a god's honest "ah, so nice to see you again!" smile and wave.


now i'm singing that old theme song from that short drawing show that bill Cosby would do on Nickelodeon. "Picture Pages, Picture Pages, everyone loves Picture pages"....annnnd more lyrics that i no longer remember lol.

Awesome pics... btw i think that's a Brahma bull, which is fyi, The Rock's nickname from his WWE (WWF then) days. :)

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