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Animal Planet on My Porch

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WARNING! If you are weak of stomach, or gross out easily, please skip this post. The pictures below include a bit of, urm, carnage. Lets just say, the pigeons that lived in the box on the porch (when we moved in, we inherited a box full of mostly-grown pigeon babies) had an unfortunate (but not inconceivable--cause, really, a box on a porch does not a good nest make!) run-in with some sort of small hawk who posed for a few shots with his/her... prize. I was inside, about two-three feet away from the hawk as it first guarded its catch from the crows, then devoured it. While a bit too much live-action Animal Planet, it really was an interesting study in how adaptable wildlife is to human sprawl.


Oh WOW! He is BEAUTIFUL! These are amazing pictures. They really do adapt to human surrounding.

Are you KIDDING me?!?!! This is part amazing and part horrible! I'm in awe, yet also disgusted. Thanks for sharing! :)

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